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About Us

The Lightbulb

    The “Bad Apple E-Sports Integrity Management Systems” project was created late in the summer of 2007, by Steven Marcus and Kyle Vanderbilt. These two programmers had inadvertently met during a scrim between their two teams, while preparing for the TGL hosted “Rolling Thunder” “BF2142: Northern Strike” tournament. By the middle of the summer it was hard to deny the alleged problem of rampant cheating in the Battlefield community, as well as other online game communities. After spending some time fiddling with the deployed AC solution, the two decided that a new structured online gaming environment was needed in order to combat this threat.

The League

    Being a fairly new arrival to the online gaming scene (still within its first year of operation.), and offering cash prizes, the "Total Gaming League" run by the longtime online gaming community leader MyInternetServices.com saw the need for such a system and quickly picked up on this concept. An agreement was reached and it was decided that TGL would be the debut league for the Bad Apple ESIMS, the project was deployed in early 2008.

The Love

    Of course this whole project couldn’t have ever made it off the ground without the hard work and dedication of many individuals. We would like to give special thanks to a few who we feel have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to see this project through.

SurgicalKill of “=BattleFieldOperatives=” - This guy dreams in binary, nuff said.

DK (better known as Drag0nKnight) of “Team WHO” - Outstanding effort and unbiased attention to detail have made DK’s contributions to the project priceless.

Jamison of “[20ID]” and MyInternetServices.com – The guru of liaisons, Jamison’s willingness to get things done and open mind have literally made this project possible.

Kpizzle formerly of “EVIL” - A tornado of a brain-storm, nuff said.

Our Ol’ Ladies – Everybody knows hot chicks rock!

The Legacy

    It is our mission as the Bad Apple ESIMS team to provide the highest level of quality products and services. It is our goal to maintain a good-humored yet secure working environment for staff and volunteers to flourish creatively in there respective fields.

Would you like to join the Bad Apple ESIMS legacy?

    We are currently looking for a part-time volunteer, to process and maintain the support facilities and work closely with the developers while they pinpoint and fix bugs. You must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States. All interested should contact SurgicalKill with relevant references.

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